Charles Darius

"Designing tangible artifacts is my favorite form of expression. CHARLES DARIUS® is a brand that embraces a Bespoke Lifestyle where extravagance, fantasy & refinement are the core inspirational elements."



Portrait of our Founder & Creative Director

Originally from the Champagne region in France, Charles Darius started his career designing for a variety of industries, ranging from fashion to nuclear energy. After successfully co-founding the creative Think-Tank, Ateliersavant, based in Beverly Hills, CA - he decided to create and share his own vision, unencumbered by corporate branding decks and so-called brand stewards; and create a brand focused  only about artfulness, creativity, craftsmanship and innovation.


“Design is not only about drawing something beautiful. It requires to understand and master the entire paradigm in which lives the intended artifact from the consumer benefits, to the qualities of a material, the manufacturing techniques… It is both an Art and a Science.”


Charles Darius designs and crafts these artifacts with some of the most talented artisans from France and around the world helping him execute his Collections.
Through his label, Charles Darius offers a range of fashionable accessories including eyewear, jewelry, leather goods, sculptural Objets d’Art and other artifacts available by pre-order and private consultation. Because he has specialized in the design & craft of one-of-a-kind items, Charles Darius has created the bespoke design service “Un Entretien Bespoke” (a Bespoke Interview) with the intent to answer the needs of the never-ending imagination of the most powerful people in the world.


"I approach my Designs as Art pieces to either fulfill a function, or create an emotional connection between the Artifact and an Audience. I was reading one day an interview of fragrance designer Fabrice Penot who stated:
It was not reasonable for anyone. And that's why it makes sense.
This very simple idea resonated with me in a big way and led me to push my Art further, forgetting about traditional consumer parameters and only looking to push the boundaries of the paradigm we live in"