Our Crafstmanship

CHARLES DARIUS® - Paris genesis started as a bespoke design studio created to answer the never ending imagination of our Customers by crafting them one of a kind pieces for their personal enjoyment.
As such, it was always anchored in our DNA to uphold the highest quality of craftsmanship and genuine origin of the material we use.
After spending years as a global Designer, our Founder Charles Darius was able to develop an extraordinary network of artisans, factories and engineers around the world allowing him to create and develop any type of artifact, and maintain these relationship when establishing his bespoke label.
CHARLES DARIUS crafts his collection with some of the most exclusive craftsmanship in France and around the world.


CHARLES DARIUS craftsmanship Origins:

Leather goods - Champagne region in France
    Jewelry Beverly Hills, CA - USA
      Eyewear French region of Jura
        Timepieces Switzerland