The philosophy behind CHARLES DARIUS - Paris was inspired by very simple principles, Tradition & Innovation - Quality & Exclusivity; with goal to create a place where imagination, surprises and fabulous fantasy are at the core of our brand and products.


Tradition & Innovation

Through our designs and the products we create, we try always try to maintain the heritage of the craftsmen with whom we work while integrating new technics.  Some crafts have nearly disappeared and only a handful of Women and Men in the world know about them.  By owning a CHARLES DARIUS piece, you help preserving these craftsmanships and allow our Artisans to teach them to a younger generation.


Quality & Exclusivity

These notions are particularly important for us as well as they should be for you.  We create products that are meant to last you a lifetime and even become a family heirloom. But most importantly, by choosing such products, you become a responsible consumer; you consume less and will be diminishing your footprint on the environment.



To quote another French man:

"if It is not reasonable for anyone - this is why it makes sense"

- Fabrice Penot