Un Entretien Bespoke

"Un Entretien Bespoke" was created to answer the never-ending imagination of the most powerful Men & Women in the World and is CHARLES DARIUS® most exclusive level of Collaboration & Creativity.



The objective of this service is to create the most unique experience in the paradigm of design, personalization and craftsmanship, by setting up an "Entretien" (i.e. appointment) with Charles Darius himself and discuss your creative vision.


Your imagination is the only limit.
You can choose to design with Charles Darius' help anything from your dream handbag, timepiece... to your snowboard, the interior of your home or even your bike or car from the frame, the exterior to the interiors and even the on-board computer system.
Charles Darius created Un Entretien Bespoke to become your own personal Creative Agency so together you can turn your most surprising ideas into life with the highest level of craftsmanship. 
Be the visionary and let us introduce you to our world.


For any further inquiry on our bespoke design service, please contact us at:


All conversations and appointment shall remain under the highest level of confidentiality and produced artifact shall not be duplicated or disclosed unless under Client direct approval.